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About Me

Join me on a journey to find out who I really am… 

Right now, I am a twenty-six-year-old college student! Yeah, you heard that right. I still live with my crazy family, packed in a house filled with too many people, three cats, and two puppies. Yikes!

I was diagnosed with food allergies suddenly in July of 2016. Now, I can no longer eat wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, almonds, shellfish, or sesame. I am not vegan, although we do cook a lot of vegan dishes. And when I say we I mean, Max, my amazing boyfriend since May of 2011.

I am just the sue-chef. But, soon to come are vids of Max helping me learn how to cook.

Some things I love: peppermint, candles, Christmas movies, snow, living in CT, and Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! (just a little Gilmore Girls reference in case you missed it).