Our Love Story

Max & I actually met each other in high school. I was fifteen and he was seventeen. Although we went to the same school for years, we had never actually met each other before. But, my friend was going to this guys house she was talking to for the first time and Max happened to be there. We all went on a walk in the snow (it was January at the time) and I didn’t bring a jacket with me. I was freezing and trying to hide it. But, Mr. Observant Max, offered me his very warm Carhart jacket to wear. Because there was so much snow on the ground, at some point a snow ball fight inevitably broke out. Honestly, at the time I don’t think I thought it was a magical moment. But looking back on it, it really was one of those nights where the stars just align to create some magic. 

There was a lot of joking and maybe tickling? Why is that like the go to move when your in high school anyways? And I for sure thought he was going to kiss me. But he didn’t, because he actually had a girl friend… I know right?!

The timing always worked out that like for us. He was dating someone when we met that night. And surprisingly although we still went to the same school we didn’t see each other much. Then he left and finished high school in Massachusetts. We ran into each other at the local Chinese restaurant in the center of our town where a lot of people went and I was dating someone. Then we ran into each other again a few years later in 2010 at a bonfire and I was dating someone again.

Finally, we official start dating in 2011 when we ran into each other outside of a Cumberland Farms. We were both finally single and we made things official pretty quickly. I think we were only dating for two weeks before Max told me he loved me, in the most romantic way possible of course. It went something like this… We were laughing and joking around in my car because I was dropping him off at his apartment. And I said something amazing as always when he just blurts out, “Oh my god I love you… oh shit… f**k I didn’t say that.” 

We have spent every moment we could together since we started dating. We are basically attached at the hip. But, I am not telling you things were always easy peasy. We have had countless fights and hiccups along the road. One thing we are constantly working on is being open with each other and talking through things. And we are always trying to find new things to try together, like hot yoga or a new coffee shop. 

We are incredibly excited to be getting married this year! We chose the date May 11th because it falls right on our 8 year anniversary. And we are really happy that we chose Elizabeth Grant as our wedding photographer. She was actually recommended to us from a few different people, but before we made the choice to have her document our special day I literally poured through a hundred different photographers portfolios. The wedding photos are very important to me as someone who really loves photography and because you really only get one chance to document this moment in time. Well I have to say, we are thrilled with Elizabeth’s work. She has a built in Engagement photo session in her Wedding Packages. Which gave us a chance to get to know her. Honestly, at first I was really nervous. But, Elizabeth is such a kind and warm person that she just asked us some questions and quickly got us all chatting away like old friends. As you can see from all of the photos here, her work is magical. 

The skirt I am wearing is called Stars In Her Eyes skirt made by Lirika Matoshi. 


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  • Logan

    Oh my goodness, I love everything about this post! I wish I could drag my boyfriend to hot yoga! That sounds like so much fun!

    Also, your outfit and hat switching is the cutest thing! I can’t wait to see what the photos look after May 11th!

    Xo Logan

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