Orange Chenille Forever 21 Cardigan

I am in love with the fall season. The leaves are starting to change and the air is getting crisp, which means I get to pull out my cozy over-sized fall sweaters. Which I have been waiting all summer to wear! Plus it gives me an excuse to buy some new clothes. Which is just what I did on Labor day for the sales and bee lined for Forever 21 so I could get this adorable fall cardigan.

I am a serious fan of chenille sweaters, mainly because they are so very soft. But, also because they typically wear really nicely and flatter my figure. I have a few from other brands and they tuck into skirts nicely and such. But this is my very first chenille cardigan. It has pockets which easily fit my Google Pixel. And while it sagged a little from the weight of my phone, it was honestly not as bad as some of my other cardigans with pockets. As a bonus, the sweater comes with a matching belt and also comes in black.

So here is a look at my new beloved orange chenille cardigan from Forever 21. But, I will say there is much more to come from my shopping haul at Forever 21. I am super impressed with their fall line this year.


XO, Sar

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