Trying to Eliminate the Cross Contamination in my Life

Having allergies can be difficult and a lot of work. Especially when your going out, attending a party, or just working for the day. So here are some things that I do to try and make it a little easier on myself.

First, I really try to make sure where ever I am going, can accommodate me. My family, Max’s family, and my friends have all been very understanding about my allergies. And usually let me pick a restaurant that is allergy safe. I saw a really funny meme recently on the Instagram page Nonuts4me and it said “When you go out to eat with your friends and all you can order is a water.”

But, I know that sometimes your invited to a wedding or a dinner and the venue is already selected and you do not have a say. So, in those cases I always bring snacks with me and I always eat beforehand. So be sure to carry some snacks. Or stash some stuff that wont expire in the car.

Even if the venue claims to be able to accommodate I just tend to air on the side of caution. There is nothing worse that being out and having an allergic reaction. Or getting there after they claimed to be able make you something to eat to find out they cant. Now, I will say I have been to many restaurants that could only offer me a salad… No protein on that bad boy just some plain veggies with oil and vinegar but its better than nothing right?

I have also been to an entire work party where I packed my own Sunflower Butter sandwich and ate while everyone else ate their dinner from a buffet. Sure it was a little awkward and everyone asked why I brought my own food. Then I had to answer a lot of questions about my allergies. No matter where I go now with people who either don’t know about my allergies, or I am meeting for the first time it tends to be a conversational topic. But, you just have to do what you have to do.

Side note – who ever created a buffet, its like an allergic persons nightmare right? Even if there was some fruit or something that we could eat… Cross contamination is deadly!

Okay  – the other thing I wanted to mention is cross contamination in the work place. I work in an office and while there are only about four different people who use the computer I use there is still a risk of cross contamination. For a while I brought in my own portable keyboard. Which, if this is an option for you I highly recommend it.

Or, you can invest in some cleaning wipes to wipe down the keyboard, mouse, and phone if needed. I used to think these things didn’t matter. But, when you touch everything with your hands then touch a chip and toss it in your mouth it can really be upsetting. Or even if you just touch your mouth and it causes your lips to swell, it can be very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way.

I am still on the search for some good cleaning wipes. But, I use Mrs. Meyers cleaning products because they are gluten free. Plus the Lavender scent is amazing!

Comment and share some of the ways you help eliminate the cross contamination in your life! I would love to know.

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