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Having multiple food allergies and sensitive skin can make finding products even more difficult for me. So, I have tried many products and just wanted to share some that didn’t work for me. I share a lot about the products I do like and wanted to be sure to mention I have tried a lot of products that didn’t work for me. All the products are listed with a little pros and cons section attached.

All of the products here I have purchased myself, so I hope this helps you find a product that will work for your skin! I am a true believer that just because you have sensitive skin or are allergic to many things doesn’t mean your beauty routine has to suffer. I personally really enjoy being able to have a skincare routine. If you have any products you want me to try please leave a comment!

Codi Olive Hand & Body Lotion:

I thought this product was Gluten-Free and Vegan when purchasing but now I am not so sure. This product made me break out in hives on my neck and knees. Now I will say that if they could take out the bad stuff or if you’re not allergic, this product is fantastic and makes your skin feel silky smooth. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I found it at my nail salon, this is all they use. Now I am going to have to bring my own lotion there from now on.

Mineral Fusion:

First I just want to mention that their products are Gluten, Paraben & Cruelty-Free and also Vegan. The problem I had was the fact that they use nuts in their products which I am allergic to. They also use coconut derived ingredients for those of you allergic just be aware. Anyways, the Intense Hydration Face Cream did not work for me. I have ruled it down to the Shea Butter because it seems every product with Shea Butter seems to make me break out. However, if you are not allergic to nuts this is a fantastic lotion to use if you have dry skin.

The Mineral Fusion Skin-Renewing Face Scrub, didn’t agree with my face. I think because it has a lot of beads in it and it was too rough on my skin. However, I have used it on my lower legs with no issues. This does have Walnut in it though.

The one Mineral Fusion product that I use every day without any issue is the Purifying Gel Cleanser. It makes my face feel clean and removes my mascara really nicely. Without having to scrub my eyes till they feel raw.

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion: 

While the company says they do not add gluten to the products they can’t account for cross-contamination. I used to use this product almost every day before my food allergies started. When they started over a year ago I stopped using this, and I couldn’t remember why. So I tried using it again this week and boy was that a mistake. It was not that bad on my body – a few hives on the inside of my arm. But, my face starting breaking out like you wouldn’t believe. After a few days of letting my face breath and using hydrocortisone, I am back to normal.

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