Read The Label

I cant stress enough how important it is to always read the labels. I am someone who when shopping hates to stand in the isle reading, and taking up space where people are trying to grab something off the shelf around me. But, sometimes its necessary and of course important to your health. So like me sometimes you just need to forget about the other shoppers and focus on your own well being.

So, a friend of mine recently suggested I try a cake mix, she is not allergic to anything but tries to eat gluten free most of the time. I buy the mix thinking well someone suggested I buy it and the bag says gluten free and non-dairy so I will be just fine. Well no actually, the product was claiming to be “non-dairy” but was made on a machine that produces products made with dairy, egg, and nuts. Unfortunately, for me I found this fun fact out after eating the batter and then baking it into cupcakes. Every allergic reaction I have had tends to be different and the swollen eye and itching neck and lip came on about 45 minutes later. While the cupcakes where already out of the oven and of course took a generous bite out of to see how they came out. When my reaction started, I was wondering “geez what could I have eaten? Did someone cross contaminate the cocoa powder I used to make the frosting?” But, no I rechecked the label and thought man am I in trouble.

Learn from my mistake, and read the labels on everything!

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