• Red Apple Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lipstick, Exfoliate

    Red Apple Lipstick

    Red Apple Lipstick is my absolute favorite! Finding products specifically made for those of us with food allergies can be so very difficult. So, when I came across this company I was extremely excited to give their products a try.  I ordered four of their lipsticks samples in various colors, the Exfoliate Stick and Rallye Balm duo, and two different lip glosses. All Red Apple Lipstick products are gluten free, soy free, and vegan. As an added plus in my book they are also GMO and paraben free. Not all of their products are nut and sesame free so be sure to read the labels. I have also added the…

  • Food

    Read The Label

    I cant stress enough how important it is to always read the labels. I am someone who when shopping hates to stand in the isle reading, and taking up space where people are trying to grab something off the shelf around me. But, sometimes its necessary and of course important to your health. So like me sometimes you just need to forget about the other shoppers and focus on your own well being. So, a friend of mine recently suggested I try a cake mix, she is not allergic to anything but tries to eat gluten free most of the time. I buy the mix thinking well someone suggested I…

  • Make-Up Trials

    Ofra Cosmetics

    One of the companies I really love whose products are nut free, gluten free, and vegan is Ofra Cosmetics. I have only tried a select few of their products such as their Nikkie Tutorials Everglow Highlighter and Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Nude Potion. But, I have not had any issue with a flare up of dermatitis or an allergic reaction! I have used the highlighter on my cheeks, as an eye shadow, and highlighting my nose & lip. As for the lipstick its a product that did not cause any reaction, however I am not usually a matte finish lips kind of girl, so I typically pair it with my lip…